Robert Wolf


Robert Wolf

Robert was born in Leeds, Northern England. At age 12 Robert discovered an undoubted natural flair for music, first drums then piano and singing became his initial tools of expression. The usual teenage bands followed, until at age 21 Robert realised he had outgrown his hometown and made the inevitable move to London.

Now living in London, Robert made many contacts through his Uncle Jack Barrie who was the manager of the then famous Marquee Club on Wardour Street. One such contact led to a management deal and the finances to set up a writing studio. The result of which was the 90's band The Orphans who enjoyed some success on the live scene in the UK.

As the singer/songwriter in The Orphans Robert began to develop as a performer, but unfortunately after several years of hard work the band never got the “big payoff” and split up. The experience left Robert somewhat disillusioned with show business, but the ever present need to earn a living and a burning passion to make music found Robert working in the session world as a musician and producer. Many different types of projects followed including film work such as “Still Crazy” starring Billy Connolly and Timothy Spall.

Now an established musician Robert returned to writing his own songs, the years spent learning his craft had made Robert a consummate singer/songwriter and producer. Robert's music has a style and signature of its own – yet like many, reveals influences taken from the artists he has grown up with. Robert's lyrics are thoughtful, clever and occasionally witty, the melodies always linger long after the songs have finished.

Robert's first solo album called “One More City Story” – in addition to being a carefully crafted and skilfully arranged body of work, made a clear statement that Robert's writing style was definitely eclectic.

Robert's second solo album “No Stars Tonight” takes this passion for different styles of music and carefully fuses them into something connected but always interesting and engaging from the cool bluesy bass line of the opening title track “No Stars Tonight” to the funky blue eyed soul of “The Honey Trap” and the lilting Latin feel of “Things That I Call Precious.”

Robert, ever the talented multi-instrumentalist and serious lifelong student of music, is always practising a new instrument, always searching for new ways to express his musical thoughts.

2018 will bring some long awaited live shows and also the start of a new album.

Robert already has a new lyric penned for his third solo album, and a line from it seems the perfect description of Robert's passion for music and life.

.... “The story's always just beginning”